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Well well, that's quite the surprise. Gem Bolt picks up the Star Bolt legacy by being its new Commander Bolt, what an interesting difference indeed. What is more surprising is how the once foals of The Bolts has grown up to serve the Celestial Army with Sable being the fastest runner in the field with great desires to guard his only family and possibly have great rage and hatred in his heart, while Pearl becomes the army's lead medic that's highly organized in the war and is seamlessly not so innocent and helpless that she was once before. Good development indeed, sadly I can't say the same for Commander Storm and General Roza as they are dead this time around.

And now The Cutters are organized once more under Scythe's rule once more and now serve for the case of The Celestial Army. Apparently the difference has been huge like how Mist is really ''opened" with his feelings for Blade (to which I can imagine that its quite the opposite in the main universe) as how she seemed to have a bitter relationship with Snow as she taunts him being weak and whiny before and how is apparently "still civilized" from a different war years ago. Now I'm really interested as to what transpired in the Griffon Wars that not only acts as a character development to Star Bolt, but to Commander Snow as well, and see how they were before reaching their primes.

I can see that the story is coming close to the end, and I shall be waiting ever so patiently to see the final moments of the story of what's ultimately 'the difference' in this alternative universe. Anyhow, nice grammar compared to your previous chapter as I can see little errors on it. Props to your crew.

Best regards always.
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